Skyheight Success Consult is a Lagos based Nigeria Management Consulting firm that strives to empower individuals and organisations to achieve optimum success. As a business consulting firm, the organisation offers business consulting services to individuals and organizations. Skyheight Success Consult is also a Lagos based Nigeria book publisher. It is relentlessly committed to capacity building, human empowerment, human capital development and and human resources management. These objectives of the organization are achieved through the following services it renders:

Online Education

Skyheight Success Consult sends weekly motivational newsletter to individuals and organizations that subscribe to its mailing list. You can click here to subscribe to the list. The organization also organizes periodical online trainings.

Counseling Services

We offer counseling services to individuals and organizations that have various challenges. You should click here to contact us if you are in need of our counseling service.

Products in Digital Format

The organization poduces and sells very educative and informative products in digits formats (mp3, mp4, cd, dvd, etc).

Facilitating Trainings for Organizations

We organize trainings for public and private organisations in different areas of knowledge. Such organizations include corporate bodies, non-governmental organizations, churches, schools, etc. Skyheight Success Consult also receives invitations from other organizations to facilitate their trainings. You can click here to contact us if you want us to facilitate your training, or make a presentation at your programme.

Publishing of Motivational and Inspirational Books

We have many inspirational publications that are designed to empower you in different aspects of life. You can click here to see our publications.

Organising Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Symposia, etc.

We organize public and private trainings. Our private trainings are restrictive because the participation is usually limited to a defined target. However, our public trainings are unrestrictive because the participation is usually open to the public.

Book Publishing and Printing Services for Authors and Organisations
Skyheight Success Consult assists individual authors and organisations in printing and/or publishing their books. Our couseling services are available for intending authors to assist them in making optimum profits from their prospective publications.


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