Skyheight Success Consult has amassed a wealth of admirable and enviable reputation over the years for empowering individuals and organizations to achieve optimum success. The organization is relentlessly committed to assisting business organizations to overcome their challenges, increase their growth rate and maximize their profits. It also helps individuals to achieve and enjoy a happy life. Our objectives are achieved through:

Online Education,
Counseling Services,
Products in digital format,
Facilitating other organizations' trainings,
Publising of Motivational and Inspirational books.
Organising seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia, etc. and
Book Publishing and Printing Services for authors and organisations.

NB: Skyheight Success Consult organizes periodical seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia, etc. The Organusation also receives invitations to make presentations during training programmes (seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia, etc.) that are organised by other organisations.


Our Key People


Eugene C. Onyibo

Eugene C. Onyibo is a motivational speaker, trainer, business coach, business consultant and personal financial management expert. He is also an entrepreneur, philosopher, motivational writer, prolific writer and publisher. He is the Director of Skyheight Success Consult, the Organisation that provides the platform through which he empowers people for optimum success in life. He has transformed numerous lives with his teachings in recruitment education, career improvement education, personal financial management, personal development, pre-retirement education, investment education, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. He is a consultant of private and public organisations. He is a wildly traveled, and also a much sought after, speaker at seminars, workshops, conferences, etc of public and private organisations. He is married to Ijeoma. They live with their children - Chimamaka and Chioma - in Lagos, Nigeria.


Deputy Director:
Paul Elumah
Georgina Ifechukwu
Training Co-ordinators: Justina Aliku
Williams Edom
Project Development Managers:
Franklin Asogwa
Director of Operation:
Charles Oyan


To provide a ladder for every willing individual and organisation to climb the mountain of success.
There are some people that do not know what they want in life. Such people only get whatever life offers them because they are neither willing nor prepared to succeed. But there are those that sincerely and conscientiously seek success but it appears to be beyond their reach. Skyheight Success Consult strives to assist every individual and organisation that is willing to succeed to get to the Promise Land of Success.


We are interested in people and organizations who conscientiously desire to be the best they can.
Being good is not enough if you can be better. But being better is also not enough if you can be the best. The friend called "Average" is often the worst enemy of the "Best". Individuals and organizations who conscientiously desire to be the best of what they are, passionate about success, willing to learn and do not procrastinate on acting on what they know are our key focus.


How you are what you are is more important than what you are.

"What you are" is very important, but "how you are what you are" is more important than "what you are". "How to manage a business" is more important than "the business being managed" because success depends more on "how a business is managed" than on "the business being managed". One can easily become rich in any business if he manages it well, but can easily become poor in any business he manages it poorly.

Knowledge is power and the key to success.
Experience shows that the most hardworking people are neither the most successful nor wealthiest people. They are also not the happiest people. There is more to success than being hardworking. On the road to success; speed and direction are very important, but the latter is more important than the former. A man on a high speed, but on the wrong direction never gets to his destination, no matter how hard he tries. Most hardworking people are yet to be successful because they channel the right efforts to the wrong direction. They are like a man in a racing competition that is running very fast but on the wrong track. With the right knowledge, it is easier for one to win the success race by always being on the right direction and also with the right speed. If the poor knows what the rich knows, he can become like the rich. The difference between the rich and the poor is knowledge.


To touch and impact lives positively.
To promote excellence in leadership at all levels.
To assist people grow personally and professionally.
To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, especially among unemployed people.


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