Azuh Amatus
Editor, Entertainment Express

Every human being, even failures, is endowed with unlimited potential. All that is needed to wake the giant that is asleep in us is little motivation. It is impossible to succeed in life if you are not motivated. Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success is a motivational book that will easily inspire a willing soul to unlimited sustainable success. Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich is a life transforming book in personal financial management. It provides a very reliable guide for people who want to achieve a sustainable financial success. The financial management principles that were exposed in this book are universal, timeless, absolute and immutable. Now You are Graduate, What Next?: A Handbook for Fresh Graduates should be commended for illuminating the path to bright future for graduates. I commend these works of Eugene Onyibo because they focus on practical life challenges. In addition, these books simplify the effective approaches towards addressing these challenges.

Chief (Engr.) Martin Onovo MS(Houston), MNSE, SPE

The National Co-ordinator, Strategic Union of Professionals for the Advancement of Nigeria (SUPA)

Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success is a great inspirational book I have read. The book will be very helpful for people who wish to live a meaningful and purposeful life. In addition, the book is designed to assist the readers to understand some of the simple secrets of achieving a happy life by setting and accomplishing great goals faster than they think. I commend the author for capturing some relevant ideas, and the simplicity that characterized the presentation. His passion to assist people succeed, inspired the writing.
* Integrity, Vision and Diligence are fundamental to success.
* Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
* The power of synergy must not be underestimated.
* Passion is Power.
Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich is a very insightful publication on personal financial management education. The book contains some essential ideas on financial education, which many people, including those in the productive age, are ignorant of. Some ideas in the book will help the readers to achieve and sustain a financially successful life. This book offers a reliable guide to anyone who conscientiously desires financial success. Some of the principles like 'Investment' are generally relevant but ultimately, the applications must be reduced to personal preferences and circumstances. I recommend both books to all persons particularly those in their productive years.


Justina N. Aliku (Mrs.) NCE, BSC.,MSc Ed., FIBTM

Director, Trigon Educational Services


Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success speaks very eloquently on the fact that most adults are ignorant of the real meaning of the word, ‘Success’. The starting point in the journey to achieving success is understanding the meaning of success. If you disregard this, you may become unhappier after achieving your set goal, as you will realise that you masqueraded failure as success, and pursued it conscientiously. I am particularly delighted with this book for its ability to enlighten the readers on the true meaning of success. Besides, the detailed exposure and explanation of the laws of success and the common features of successful people are among the reasons this book is a must read for anyone who sincerely desires success. The phrase, ‘Life Quadrants’, which the author used in Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich is a very commendable contribution to Personal Financial Management education. This concept, I strongly believe, would poke most adults (who read this book) in the nose, as it mirrors and x-rays a major limitation in their thinking on the inseparable relationship of the different phases of life. These books have positioned me in another perspective as an individual by generating a wholesome change of attitude, thinking and approach to life.

Paul Elumah

Director, Pelorga Ventures


Much of most people’s interest in money is about how to amass more and more of it i.e. ‘How to make money’. Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich highlights the fact that financial thinking should not be limited to ‘How to Make Money’, as it is just the first step in the journey to financial security. The author highlights higher and more important areas of interest about money, which, most unfortunately, are lacking in most adults. These are ‘How to Manage Money’ and ‘How to Multiply Money’. I cherish the idea of the author that the knowledge of ‘How to Make Money’ can only help you to become rich, while the knowledge of ‘How to Manage Money’ will help you remain rich. He also argues that the knowledge of ‘How to Multiply Money” will help you become richer. He remarks that most rich people are unable to remain rich because they are unable to ‘manage’ and ‘multiply’ their money. The author’s emphasis on financial education is also very commendable. People in the productive age should be guided by his idea that anyone can become rich without financial education, but cannot remain rich in its (financial education) absence. As a successful entrepreneur, I am particularly delighted with this book because it will help in giving a better orientation about money to the readers.


Carol Anyagwa B.A., M.A., PhD (Cand.) (Mrs.)

Lecturer, Uinversity of Lagos

Though the title of the book, Now You are a Graduate, What Next?: A Handbook for Fresh Graduates appears to suggest that the book is designed for fresh graduates only, the contents reveal otherwise. The book will also be very helpful to undergraduates and old graduates. In fact, I encourage undergraduates to read this book in order to be adequately prepared to confront the challenges of life-after school. I offer this advice to them because what they learn in school is inadequate to guarantee their success after graduation. As a lecturer in a Nigerian tertiary institution, I sympathize with most students because of what awaits them after graduation. The pitiable future of most of them can be easily inferred from the ugly experiences of most graduates. But I am very glad that they now have a very reliable guide for preparing for a better future.  The book has broadened my experience. It has also equipped me with the requisite knowledge to help youths beyond academic success. Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success and Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich are also very insightful books for every adult. I recommend these books to students, teachers, parents, pastors, public office holders, etc as they will find them very helpful.



Felix Obiekwe

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC),

Anambra State Chapter

I have always known, from daily observations, that success always remains beyond the reach of most people. I have no doubt that one of the reasons for this is that the secrets of success are uncommon knowledge. I found the most reliable insight on the secrets of success in this book, Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success. The book offers a very reliable guide on how success can be achieved. In addition, it sufficiently justifies that success is within the reach of everyone because people are success or failure by choice, not by chance. Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich, shows that what we achieve in life is not determined by what we want, but by what we are, which is in turn determined by what we know. Achieving financial success starts with understanding the laws of money. This book corrects numerous misconceptions about money, especially those that make it impossible for most people to achieve financial success. It also positions the feet of the readers on the pathway to sustainable financial success. Now You are A Graduate, What Next? A Handbook for Fresh Graudates is a book I find very helpful for graduates. I strongly recommend them to youths who do not want to waste much of their future as failures while trying to succeed through trial and error.


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