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Job interview is usually the last and most difficult stage in getting a job. Most job seekers are rejected after successive interviews because they cannot justify why they are the best candidates for the positions they applied for. Consequently, they stare at amazing job opportunities slipping through their fingers, despite the fact that they are in dire need of the jobs. Worse still, some organizations are unable to employ most (and sometimes, none) of their applicants after their screening because they are unable to convince them on why they need the jobs. Many job seekers, even those who graduated with good grades, will remain unemployed because they are ignorant of the expectations of prospective employers from job seekers during job interviews. This book, Best Answers to 400 Most Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions: A Guide To Preparing For Job Interview, offers a reliable guide to job seekers on how to excel in job interviews. It is recommended to all categories of job seekers. It is a best selling book on job interview questions and answers. It is a recommended book for job seekers because it offers a very reliable guide on how to prepare for a job interview.


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