About the Book

Some factors have been implicated in the high level of unemployment in some parts of the world. One of the factors is limited job opportunities for numerous unemployed people. Another factor is the unemployable status of many unemployed people. However, an uncommon factor that accounts for why many people, even exceptionally intelligent graduates, are unemployed is that they are ignorant of the expectations of prospective employers from Job Seekers. Numerous job seekers stare at amazing job opportunities slip through their fingers because they cannot convince prospective employers why they are the best candidates for the positions they applied for. Getting a job requires specialized knowledge and skills. Most unfortunately, most job seekers are ignorant of the knowledge and skills because they are not (adequately) taught in school. Worse still, these specialized knowledge and skill cannot be acquired by intuition or reasoning. This book, What Employers Want From Job Seekers: How To Get Your Dream Job, is designed to enlighten job seekers on the things they must know before they can get their dream jobs. It is a best-selling motivational book for job seekers. It is a recommended book for job seekers because it is a book on how to get a job.

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