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The experiences of most graduates in contemporary times lend credence to the fact that education does not guarantee financial success any more. There is continuous decline in the standard of living of most graduates. As a matter of fact, many graduates are living in abject poverty. One of the major challenges (if not problems) of graduates (in some countries) is that the rate of unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate because the rate at which graduates are harvested from tertiary institutions annually far exceeds the rate at which job opportunities are created. Worse still, a good number of unemployed graduates cannot be self-employed. The ugly experiences of most graduates are rooted in the fact that there is a missing link between education and financial success, which is not bridged by the school system. What is this missing link? How can graduates achieve a happy and prosperous life? Now You Are A Graduate, What Next?: A Handbook For Fresh Graduates answers these questions. It offers a guide to graduates on how to survive in real life (i.e. life after school). It is a motivational book for fresh graduates. It is the best book for college graduates and high school graduates. It is a recommended book for fresh graduates, recent college graduates and new graduates.

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