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There are numerous children of God who are living in poverty, despite being very pious, devoted, virtuous, honest, committed and dedicated people of God. Some of them are living in abject poverty, a condition that is unworthy of a human being. It is reasonable to believe that since God is a rich father, financial success should be the birthright and natural inheritance of his children, especially those who are very close to him. In addition, since God is not only rich, but also loving and caring; what then is the rationale of the poverty of his children? Why are many dedicated and committed Christians poor? Why are many people who call on God’s name living in penury? This book, Rich God, Poor Believers: The Secrets of Overcoming Poverty by God’s Children, answers these questions. It unveils the factors that are responsible for poverty among the children of God, and also prescribes how to overcome them. This book is a Christian Motivational Book. It is a Top Christian Inspirational Book and also a Bible Motivational Book. It is recommended to people who believe in God, but whose efforts at achieving financial success continuously prove abortive.


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