About the Book

The journey to financial freedom starts with having a means of income, but the journey to financial security, lifetime financial freedom, starts with the acquisition of investments. Except you acquire investments, you may work for the rest of your life; yet, be unable to meet your (basic) financial challenges. Perhaps, the most significant benefit of having investments is that it makes money work for you, even for the rest of your life. Hence, it helps you make money without working for money. Most people are least informed in investment education. This is why some people invest wrongly while most people do not acquire any investment all through their lives. What is an investment? What are the types of investment? How can investments be acquired? How can the acquisition of investments be funded? What are the factors to consider in investing? What are the best investments? This book, The Secrets of Successful Investors: Guides To Investing, answers these questions. It is a book on investment management. It is also a book on how to invest your money. As an investment book, it is written for people who are passionate about becoming rich and enjoying financial success for the rest of their lives.


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