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Most retirees have serious difficulties with taking care of their financial challenges. Some of them are so poor and broke that they cannot take care of the least of their financial needs. Perhaps, the worst part of their ugly experiences is that they will likely last for the rest of their lives because their conditions are hopeless while they are helpless. Over 95% of retirees are having this experience. The situation is worse in some parts of the world where the government has no welfare programme for retirees. The crux of the situation, however, is that over 90% of people in the productive age are heading towards this financial doom. Why do many people, even those who were rich during their working years, retire poor? Why are most retirees, even those who were high income earners during their working years, living in penury? But why will most workers retire poor? How can workers remain financially free when their working years are over? How can workers retire with financial freedom? This pre-retirement book, Working Years Will Soon Be Over: How To Prepare For Retirement, answers these questions. It is a book on how to prepare for retirement. It is a retirement planning book that is recommended to every worker (employers and employess) because it offers very reliable guides on how to prepare for retirement financially.


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