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Everyone desires success but very few people are successful. This implies that people are not failures because they dislike success. It also implies that being passionate about becoming a success is inadequate to achieve success. However, while some people are failures because they have no goal, vision, target, focus, ambition, etc in life, some others remain failures despite the fact that they conscientiously pursue success. An uncommon truth to most people is that success and failure are within the reach of everyone. Praise and blame are meaningful because success and failure are self-made. What is the meaning of success? Why do some people succeed while others fail? Why do some people succeed with very little effort while others work very hard but have nothing to show for their efforts year after year? Why do some people accomplish (almost) every goal they set while others cannot accomplish the least of their goals? Why do some people always produce better results than others? What are the secrets of success? What are the laws that regulate the pursuit and accomplishment of success? How can a person become a success? How can failure be avoided? This book, Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success, provides answers to these questions. It is a motivational book on personal development. It provides a guide to achieving an unlimited sustainable success. It is designed to assist you achieve the success you desire. It is a must-read inspirational book for anyone who conscientiously desire success, especially those whose efforts at achieving success consistently prove abortive. It is a best-selling motivational book on success.

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