The Secrets of Wealth Creation
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Have you every tried to find out the differences between people who achieve financial success and those who do not? Have you ever been bothered about why some people have difficulty with making money while some people make money with a great deal of ease? More fundamentally, have you ever been bothered about the secrets of wealth creation, wealth management and wealth multiplication? Have you also been bothered about why most people who achieve financial freedom, especially when they start working, easily become poor after a while; sometimes, before their retirement? Have you tried to find out the secrets of achieving sustainable financial success?

If you have never been bothered about these issues, chances are very high that you will have difficulty with making money. Worse still, you may spend the rest of your life without achieving the financial success you desire. If you have not made significant effort to find the answers to the above questions, chances are also very high that your financial success, if you ever achieve it, will be short-lived. You can become rich overnight, but you cannot remain rich overnight. You can become rich through any means, but you cannot remain rich through any means.

One of the reasons most people are hardly able to achieve the financial success they desire is that they are very passionate about making money, but uninterested in learning how to make it. This is why they spend a great deal of time struggling to make money without spending anytime to learn or understand how to make money. Worse still, most people are only interested in becoming rich, but are not bothered by how they can remain rich. This is why such people are very contented with being financially free, even when their wealth has no foundation. The important thing in life is not making efforts, but making fruitful efforts. It is also not in becoming rich but in remaining rich.

Speed and direction are very important in the journey to success. However, most people focus only in speed, but give no attention to direction. The consequence is that such people move with very high speed on the wrong direction, thereby making it impossible to get to their intended destinations. This analogy is applicable to the pursuit of success in any aspect of life, especially in ones finances. Your financial success does not depend on your passion for wealth creation alone but more fundamentally, on what you know about money. Making money becomes a lot much easier when you acquire financial education.

Are you really serious about achieving financial success? If so, how much do you know about the secrets of wealth creation? How much do you know about money? What do you do with what you know about money? These are the key factors that determine your financial success. The book below, Roadmap to Financial Success: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich, is designed to offered you detailed information on how to achieve sustainable financial success.


N550, US$6, €4.7, £4

Most people work round the clock but are unable to meet their basic financial needs. As a matter of fact, some people are unable to meet the least of their financial challenges, despite being very hardworking. Worse still, research findings reveal that while over 95% of retirees are not financially free, over 90% of workers (entrepreneurs and employees) will retire poor, irrespective of how rich they are in their productive age. The reason for this is that most people are illiterates in financial education. They are ignorant of the basic principles of financial management which assist people to excel in their finances and enjoy financial security (lifetime financial freedom). What are these principles? What is financial education all about? How can people achieve and sustain financial success? This book, Roadmap To Financial Security: How To Become Rich And Remain Rich, answers these questions. It provides a guide to achieving sustainable financial success.

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Eugene C. Onyibo

The Author

Eugene C. Onyibo is a motivational speaker, trainer, personal financial management expert, business coach, philosopher, entrepreneur and prolific writer. He is the Director of Skyheight Success Consult. The Organisation provides the platform through which he empowers people for optimum success in life. He has transformed numerous lives with his inspirational and motivational teachings in Personal Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development, Ethics, Religion, Politics, etc. He is a highly sought after speaker at Empowerment and Capacity Building Programmes of Public and Private Organisations (like Churches, Schools, Ministries, etc). Some of his Best-Selling Books are Pathway to Success: Roadmap to Unlimited Sustainable Success, Roadmap to Financial Security: How to Become Rich and Remain Rich, and Now You are a Graduate, What Next?: A Handbook For Fresh Graduates, Working Years Will Soon Be Over: How To Prepare For Retirement . To Contact him, click here.

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