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Most employees are ignorant of the rationale and ideal objectives of working. They have insufficient, deficient, unsatisfactory, poor, disappointing, misleading and erroneous reasons for working. As a result, they are unable to derive optimum benefits from their jobs. This is one of the reasons most of them have nothing meaningful to show for their jobs, despite being very hard working. This is also one of the reasons over 90% of them, like most of their predecessors, will retire poor. Most employees know how to work for their employers but not how to work for themselves. How can employees get job promotion? How can they increase their income? How can they retire rich? How can they derive optimum benefits from their jobs? This book, Now You Have Got A Job, What Next?: How To Get Job Promotion, Increase Your Income And Retire Rich, answers these questions. It is a book for employees to read. It is also an employees handbook because it is the best motivational book for employees.

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