About the Book

Many people approach the bank for loan when they are in need of money to fund some (urgent) personal and/or business challenges. While some of them are offered loans by the bank, most of them do not get any loan. Besides, while a few people who obtain bank loans have testimonies for doing so, most others regret getting loans from the bank. It is also very painful that most people who are denied of bank loan are ignorant of the reasons their requests are not granted. Money-lending is a very lucrative business for the bank, and the bank usually employs some tricks (which are not in the best interest of borrowers) to maximise its profit from the business of money-lending. The tricks are usually effective because most borrowers are ignorant of them. How can someone obtain a bank loan? How can people borrow money from the bank without being exploited, accomplish their set goals for borrowing, and repay the loans without tears? This book, How to Get Bank Loan with Ease: The Secrets of Obtaining and Repaying Bank Loan without Tears, answers these questions.

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