About the Book

Funding is a very critical challenge in entrepreneurship. Many people’s ambitions of becoming successful entrepreneurs (and/or investors) have been murdered by lack of fund. Many people cannot think of starting a business because they are convinced (even beyond every reasonable doubts) that they cannot raise the capital to do so. It has been observed by experts that lack of money does not kill a good business idea. In addition, it has been observed that most prospective entrepreneurs and investors overrate, overestimate and overvalue the challenge of business funding. This is why they are usually uunable to take the first step in translating their business (and investing) dreams into realities. With adequate information, you will realise that business funding is not as difficult as most people think. Assisting you to discover many options for raising capital to fund your business and/or investment ideas is the primary objective this book, Demystifying Business Funding: How to Raise Capital to Fund your Business without going to the Bank, is designed to achieve.

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